Why CoPartnerUp

CoPartnerUp is a collaborative ecosystem for impact-driven individuals and organisations looking to connect, collaborate, and amplify their efforts for positive impact.

In today’s business landscape, CoPartnerUp plays a pivotal role by fostering conscious partnerships that extend beyond self-interest, allowing us to collectively make a substantial impact on society and the environment.

Together, we’re rewriting the rules of business to prioritise people and the environment alongside profits.


Impact Sectors


When Partnerships Don’t Work

We know how tough it can be when partnerships don’t work out. Maybe you’ve had partners who don’t share your goals, or it’s hard to talk and understand each other. Or maybe working together is just too difficult.

These problems can slow down your work, cause confusion, and stop you from doing great things. It’s really hard when you need these partnerships to succeed, but they just don’t help.

At CoPartnerUp, we know what you’re facing. We’re here to help you find partners who really fit with your ideas, make talking and planning easy, and help your business do more good in the world.

The Need For Conscious Partnerships

In an era where the interconnectedness of business and society is more pronounced than ever, conscious partnerships emerge as a powerful force driving positive change.

They represent a departure from traditional collaboration models focused solely on mutual benefit. This paradigm shift embodies a mindset transformation, emphasising a move from ego-driven competition to conscious collaboration.

Conscious partnerships are more than just strategic partnerships. They are rooted in shared values and eco-social responsibility.

They amplify impact by collectively addressing global challenges, creating a ripple effect across sectors and acting as a vehicle to contribute meaningfully to the greater good, leaving a lasting imprint on the world.

What We Do

For individuals

For individual impact-makers, such as early stage founders, social entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs, we offer a dynamic platform for conscious connection and collaboration.

Within our ecosystem, you’ll discover the global CoPartner community, perfect for building cross-sector partnerships. And, if you need help with building and managing strategic partnerships, we have custom consulting services for you.

For Organisations

We understand that organisations have unique partnership needs. That’s why we offer tailored services that match your current strategic partnership requirements.

Whether it’s consulting, facilitation, or training for your teams, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise ensures that your organisation can harness the power of conscious partnerships effectively.


Among the many remarkable impact-driven communities out there, we’ve recognised that while they emphasise networking and collaboration, there’s often a need for a more collaborative ecosystem for building and nurturing impactful partnerships.

This is where our community comes in, providing impact-makers with a unique framework that centres around Conscious Partnering. Our primary aim is to assist you in creating meaningful partnerships, empowering you to extend your impact beyond your current challenges and limitations.


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Global Directory

Workshops & Events

Basic Tools & Resources

Occasional Match-Ups

Threads & DMs

Voice & Video Rooms



All in Free PLUS

CoPartnering Journey©

Advanced Tools & Resources

Monthly Match-Ups

15% Off on Add-Ons

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Elevate your partnership strategy with personalised consulting sessions led by experts in conscious partnerships and eco-social impact. Gain insights, and guidance to accelerate your journey towards making a meaningful difference.


Receive dedicated guidance in not only creating but also maintaining strong and sustainable partnerships. Our expert facilitators will work closely with your company to ensure that your partnership efforts thrive and lead to lasting positive impact.


Enhance your partnerships with a customised training program. Our experts will design and deliver workshops to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in conscious partnerships and its sustainable practices.

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[Free] Unveiling Conscious Partnerships

Join us to discover CoPartnerUp and get a sneak peek into our community’s purpose and benefits! Get ready for a warm and engaging gathering where we’ll explore the world of Conscious Partnerships and how they can elevate your impact work.

WED, MAR 6, 2024

6:oo pm to 7:00 pm CET

[Free] Ask Us Anything

Join our interactive Live Q&A, where your questions steer the conversation. Whether it’s about the CoPartnering Journey©, our memberships, getting involved, or simply discover more about CoPartnerUp and its mission, this is your chance to get answers and clear any doubts.

MON, MAR 11, 2024

6:oo pm to 7:00 pm CET


What is CoPartnerUp?

CoPartnerUp is the impact ecosystem that facilitates conscious partnerships globally. We gather impact-makers to create strategic partnerships based on conscious connection, communication and collaboration, so that together, they can make a greater impact and transform today’s competitive business world.

Our collaborative ecosystem includes an online community of practice where you can learn and implement cutting-edge strategies to build conscious partnerships. Additionally, we offer strategic consulting, training, and facilitation services for organisations whose partnership needs extend beyond the scope of our community.

Why CoPartnerUp?

Our mission is rooted in the belief that many global challenges require collaborative efforts, not individual endeavours. We’re here to share knowledge, tools, and resources to help form partnerships consciously.

Did you know that over 60% of strategic partnerships end in failure? 

That’s because partnerships often lack a systematic framework, leading to trust issues, miscommunication, and more.

This is why we created CoPartnerUp: to connect impact-makers like yourself and help you build effective, meaningful connections, providing you with all the tools and knowledge you need to build long-lasting, successful strategic partnerships.

Who is CoPartnerUp for?

CoPartnerUp is for impact-makers like you who understand the importance of shifting from meaningless competition to meaningful collaboration. It’s for those who see the potential of partnerships but may not know where to start or are looking to elevate their existing partnerships and integrate them into their organisational strategy.

Impact-makers come from diverse backgrounds, including solopreneurs, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, researchers, and intrapreneurs. They are active in a wide range of sectors, including Tech for Good, Diversity and Inclusion, Education, Environment, Health, Regenerative Agrifood, Ethical Finance, and many others.

But here’s an important point: CoPartnerUp is not for everyone.

We’re not here to convince you to go beyond profit; we’re here for those who already understand the importance of doing good with their businesses and collaborate with others that are doing the same.

What are Conscious Partnerships?

Conscious Partnerships are transformational partnership processes rooted in shared values and eco-social responsibility. In today’s world, they represent the evolution of strategic partnerships and are crucial to driving positive change and addressing global challenges.

What is the CoPartnering Framework?

The CoPartnering Framework is a new partnership model developed by Claudia Marras, the founder of CoPartnerUp, after years of experience in facilitating collaborations among impact makers. This holistic framework is rooted in the idea that meaningful connections with others can only be built when we first connect with ourselves. It’s an ongoing transformative process that combines self-development and business practices grounded in consciousness and eco-social responsibility. The framework is built upon three core pillars: connection, communication, and collaboration, and it encompasses four stages in the partnering lifecycle: exploration and connection, play and nurturing, presencing and enhancement, and renewal or exit. 

Is membership in the community free?

Yes, membership in the CoPartnerUp community is absolutely free. We believe in making conscious partnership resources accessible to as many impact-makers as possible. You can join our community at no cost and start benefiting from our online resources, connection opportunities, and free events. We’re committed to helping you create meaningful partnerships and drive positive change in the business world, and we welcome everyone who shares our vision to join us.

For those who are interested in diving deep into the CoPartnering Framework, we offer a Premium membership option. For a monthly fee of 30 € or an annual fee of 300 €, premium members gain access to the CoPartnering Journey©—a 12-month program designed to practise each step of the CoPartnering cycle, including workshops and learning resources as an integral part. Premium members also enjoy additional benefits such as monthly matchups and exclusive rewards. This premium membership is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience for those looking to maximise their CoPartnering practice. To upgrade to Premium you first need to join our free community.

Is this community a good fit for me?

Our community aims to be a vibrant hub for impact-makers passionate about Conscious Partnerships and Eco-Social Impact. It’s an open and inclusive environment, but we have specific expectations to ensure alignment. We highly value members genuinely committed to our community’s mission, so we kindly ask that you consider your intentions for joining.

🚫 Not Your Ideal Community If You:

  • Are not interested in exploring Conscious Partnerships.
  • Approach partnerships with a purely transactional mindset.
  • Do not have time to actively participate and contribute.
  • Just want to browse without a deeper commitment. 
  • Seek contacts solely for spamming purposes.
How can I join Premium?

Joining our Premium membership is easy! Premium membership is an upgrade from our free community, so you’ll first need to become a member of our free community. Once you’re part of the community, you’ll have the option to upgrade to the Premium membership, which offers exclusive benefits and the CoPartnering Journey program. Simply follow these steps:

  • Join Our Free Community: Sign up on our community by clicking here. It’s the first step to becoming a CoPartnerUp member.
  • Upgrade to Premium: Once you’re a member of our free community, you’ll find the option to upgrade to our Premium membership within the platform. This upgrade will give you access to the CoPartnering Journey and a range of exclusive resources and benefits. Plus, we offer a free 14-day trial with no risk, so you can experience it before committing.

Joining our Premium membership is a fantastic way to take your CoPartnering experience to the next level and maximise the value of our community.

How can I learn more about your work?

There are three great ways to dive into Conscious Partnerships:

1. Join Our Free Community: You can become a part of our free community, hosted on the Heartbeat platform by clicking here. This platform provides a space where you can connect and engage with others who share your interest in Conscious Partnerships. To get more information about our host, Heartbeat, visit their website.

2. Join Our Monthly Free Events: We regularly host free events, open to anyone interested. These events are an excellent opportunity to explore and learn more about CoPartnerUp and our work.

3. Book a Free Consultation: We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to provide those interested with the opportunity to connect with our team and explore how we can assist you. This is an ideal chance to discuss your needs, goals, and how our expertise can be tailored to your specific situation. We highly value your time, and please rest assured that this consultation is entirely free, allowing you to make an informed decision about working with us.

"This just seemed like a much cooler, better, and more collaborative way of doing things," [...] "No one is going to make a million dollars off of this, but when we win the crowd will win."

Arlan Hamilton, Founder and Managing Partner, Backstage Capital

"Partnering effectively takes time and commitment. If we believe that a moral revolution requires everyone, we must become skilled at building trusting partnerships across sectors. Honing this skill almost always requires a shift in both assumptions and behaviours."

Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Acumen

"I think that it is important in any partnership that it has to transcend cognitive and even emotional connection. It has to get to that deep spiritual connection for you to sustain, for you to be trusting, for you to be respectful, for you to be able to look at conflict as an opportunity to be able to create love and unity."

Azim Khamisa, Co-Founder of The Forgiveness Project

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