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Why CoPartnerUp

In today’s business landscape, CoPartnerUp plays a pivotal role by fostering conscious partnerships that extend beyond self-interest, allowing you to collectively make a substantial positive impact on society and the environment.



Impact Sectors


When Partnerships Don’t Work

We know how tough it can be when partnerships don’t work out. Maybe you’ve had partners who don’t share your goals, or it’s hard to talk and understand each other. 

These problems can slow down your work, cause confusion, and stop you from doing great things. It’s really hard when you need these partnerships to succeed, but they just don’t help.

At CoPartnerUp, we know what you’re facing. We’re here to help you find partners who really fit with your ideas, make talking and planning easy, and help your business do more good in the world.

The Need For Conscious Partnerships

With over 60% of strategic partnerships ending in failure, it’s evident that partnering can be quite challenging.

Conscious partnerships are more than just strategic, they’re about shared values and caring for our planet.

Our holistic approach to strategic partnerships extends beyond mere business transactions. By beginning with introspection and self-awareness, we recognise the interconnectedness of individuals, organisations, and society.


They’re not your usual partnerships all about pushing forward driven by personal gain. They prioritse and cultivate our well-being, our connections, our communities, and the environment.

It’s about building connections that start from within and resonate outward.

We focus on ethical and regenerative practices by integrating environmental and societal considerations into our partnership strategies. 


Conscious partnerships have the power to amplify their impact by collaboratively addressing local and global challenges.

They create a ripple effect across various sectors, becoming a vehicle for meaningful contribution to the greater good.

Our goal is to foster partnerships that not only drive commercial success but also contribute to a better future for our planet and society as a whole.

What We Do

For Leaders

If you are a purpose-driven leader within a community, project, or organization, we provide a collaborative ecosystem for fostering conscious connections and partnerships.

Here, you’ll find our community, offering many opportunities to cultivate cross-sector partnerships on a global scale. Additionally, if you are seeking support in building and managing strategic partnerships, our tailored consulting services are available to provide guidance and assistance aligned with your specific needs.

For Organisations

We understand that startups and organisations have unique partnership needs. That’s why we offer tailored services that match your current strategic requirements.

From consulting to facilitating, building, scouting, or training, we’ve got every partnership aspect covered. With our team’s expertise, your organisation can effectively harness the power of conscious partnerships, unlocking benefits like enhanced innovation, sustainable growth, and impactful collaborations tailored to your mission.

Clients Say

CoPartnerUp are our preferred partners to help us with our partnership strategy. Claudia is a fantastic guide to help us develop our partnerships, so we can even better help women entrepreneurs get funded. I highly recommend!

Anne Ravanona

Founder & CEO, Global Invest Her, France

There are no stars or words in a review that can reflect the level of gratitude we feel towards CoPartnerUp. Such a profound vision as that provided by Claudia and her team is the basis for the success of any business.

Alejandro Wonenburger

Co-founder & CCO, Plant on Demand, Spain

Our experience with CoPartnerUp  has been outstanding. We’d like to highlight three aspects to encourage you to contact them: active listening, own methodology, problem-solving. Thank you so much!

Eleonora Barone

Founder, mYmO Intergenerational Innovation, Spain

Members Say

Community is at the core of everything we do, and partnerships are a great way to realise a shared vision. I joined the CoPartnerUp Community to meet other like-minded people in sustainable fashion and impact-driven initiatives.

Maithili Chodankar

Founder, Buno Behen, France

CoPartnerUp has opened doors for me to meet individuals with diverse backgrounds, lighting up my path and offering invaluable connections for my project. The learning and networking opportunities are exceptional, making it truly remarkable.

Isaac Otikiro

Founder, Bold Child, Uganda

If we don't have a community of people around us that is on the same page then business is very difficult. I joined to establish strong partnerships with like-minded businesses that have a social impact to bring about the changes that are needed in the world.

Cate Zoltan

Founder, Undo, Australia


What is CoPartnerUp?

CoPartnerUp is the collaborative ecosystem that facilitates conscious partnerships among purpose-driven leaders and organisations globally.

Why CoPartnerUp?

Our mission is rooted in the belief that many global challenges require collaborative efforts, not individual endeavours. We're here to share knowledge, tools, and resources to help form partnerships consciously.

Did you know that over 60% of strategic partnerships end in failure? 

That's because partnerships often lack a systematic framework, leading to trust issues, miscommunication, and more.

This is why CoPartnerUp exists: to connect purpose-driven leaders and organizations, empowering you to cultivate conscious partnerships and collaborations.

What are Conscious Partnerships?

Conscious Partnerships are transformational partnership processes rooted in shared values and eco-social responsibility. In today's world, they represent the evolution of strategic partnerships and are crucial to driving positive change and addressing global challenges.

What is the CoPartnering Framework?

The CoPartnering Framework is a partnering process designed by Claudia Marras, the founder of CoPartnerUp. This holistic framework is rooted in the idea that meaningful connections with others can only be built when we first connect with ourselves. It's an ongoing transformative process that combines self-development and business strategies grounded in consciousness and eco-social responsibility. Interested in learning more? Apply here.

How can I learn more about CoPartnerUp?

There are several ways to get in touch with us. Feel free to connect any way you like!

1. Book a Free Discovery Call: We offer a complimentary 1-hour call to provide those interested with the opportunity to connect with our team and explore how we can assist you. This is an ideal chance to discuss your needs, goals, and how our expertise can be tailored to your specific situation.

2. Join Our Community: You can become a part of our core community by applying here. This platform provides a space where you can connect and engage with others who share your interest in Conscious Partnerships. 

3. Join Our Next Events: We regularly host events and workshops, open to anyone interested. These events are an excellent opportunity to explore and learn more about CoPartnerUp and what we can do together!

4. Subscribe to our Newsletter: Be the first to know about upcoming events and get the latest updates from our community. Subscribe now and join the conversation!

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"Partnering effectively takes time and commitment. If we believe that a moral revolution requires everyone, we must become skilled at building trusting partnerships across sectors. Honing this skill almost always requires a shift in both assumptions and behaviours."

Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Acumen